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Fairer Warmth Data Platform

Harnessing the power of data for a fairer net-zero transition 

We harness the power of data to fill gaps in energy performance information, create customisable local area energy and engagement plans, and track progress of carbon and cost savings.  

Novel data analysis for energy performance 

Our platform utilises novel data analysis to better predict the energy performance of all homes across the United Kingdom. This allows us to identify homes that are most in need of energy efficiency improvements and target support where it is most needed. 

Track carbon and energy savings 

Our platform uses data to model options for the creation of local area energy plans. This enables organisations to understand the energy needs of different areas and develop strategies that will have the greatest impact on reducing carbon emissions. 

Local area energy planning  

Interfacing with users of the Fairer Warmth App we can track carbon and energy savings through real-time monitoring and analysis of implemented energy saving measures, providing organisations with valuable insights and the ability to continuously improve energy efficiency measures. 

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