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Fairer Warmth for Organisations

We enable organisations to identify, prioritise and provide the much-needed support to ALL households and energy consumers.


Using our enhanced engagement tools and data analysis platform you can monitor cost and carbon reduction and better understand community needs to support local planning activities. 

How the Fairer Warmth App helps your communities?

Supports individuals in receiving the necessary assistance to make positive changes to their energy consumption. 

Provides a user-friendly interface for organizations to identify grant eligibility and provide targeted support to those in need. 

Enables accurate and detailed local area energy planning to inform data-driven decisions. 

How Fairer Warmth can help your organisation?

Find people most in need of grant support (such as ECO and HUG) to meet allocation quotas more efficiently. 


Signpost your communities to targeted advice, product and service offerings. 


Contribute to your carbon reduction targets and generate good-will in your community. 


Measure achievements to report on progress. 

Why organisations work with us?

Our team is made up of passionate experts in the fields of energy efficiency, data analysis, and sustainable living.

We're committed to our goal of achieving a faster, fairer and sustainable low net-zero transition. 

We are a friendly, flexible team of innovators. 


We are committed to working with you to make Fairer Warmth work for you. 

Working with industry leaders 

We work with organisations of all types including local authorities, energy companies, retrofit service providers and employers who are wishing to better support their communities to save energy, access funding support and reduce CO2. 

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