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Everyone should have access to a warm and energy efficient home.
Save Energy, Save Money and Access  Support 

Welcome to Fairer Warmth - a dynamic platform that connects households with organisations to promote energy efficiency and affordability. 


Fairer Warmth For Individuals

Everything you need to help reduce your energy bills. 

Understand how you (and those who you care for) can save energy and gain access to grant funding and other support services in your area. Create your personalised energy saving journey and track your progression to a warmer more energy efficient home. 

“By using Fairer Warmth I have been able to access clear energy saving advice. I am already feeling the benefits after making a few free and simple changes."

Katie from Northwich 

Fairer Warmth For Organisations

Support your communities to stay safe, warm and reduce their CO2. 

We enable organisations to identify, prioritise and provide the much-needed support to ALL households and energy consumers. Using our enhanced engagement tools and data analysis platform our customers can monitor cost and carbon reduction and better understand community needs to support local planning activities. 


Who we are working with

We work with organisations of all types including local authorities, energy companies, retrofit service providers and employers who are wishing to better support their communities to save energy, access funding support and reduce CO2. 


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